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CFO of scientific organization
Business Unit Controller
Director Control flooring industry
Project manager implementation
  Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
Consultancy Energy market
Prepare company for sale
Restructuring company for expanding
Hive off activities in a separate company
Redefine business processes
Restructuring organisation
  and find new funding

Effective and efficiency in
  Healthcare organisation

Project Manager Rental Power project
Director Business Unit International Projects Power Rental Company

Prepare company for sale
The company was a subsidiary of a listed publishing company on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Due to a change in strategy, a decision was made to sell the company. The assigment from AG Business Development was to make the company ready for sale and sell the company. As a start, a review was done of the company to identify the status of the company. After this, a plan was made to solve the problems of the company. The first project was to collect the outstanding money from the debtors. After this the stock was reviewed ad decreased and the fiscal position was brought inline with the tax laws. After this, all major problems are taken care of. The management information is redefined and all processes and procedures were redefined and implemented. After finishing all the work, the company was sold within 1 month.
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